balsa wood // black marker // c-hooks // 12 instax photos // small blank cards // hole punch // paint (optional) // craft knife // glue gun // ruler
1. Cut two pieces of balsa wood that are the same size with a craft knife. My pieces were 21cm long which fitted 3 cards with room around them. I suggest you measure out your cards in case they are a different size.
2. Paint one or both pieces of your balsa wood however you would like them to suit your room. One coat of acrylic works fine if it's a dark colour but you may need a few coats for something lighter.
3. Measure up where to put your hooks that will fit 3 different cards on one piece of wood. Then you should easily be able to screw them in.
4. Assemble your stand by gluing the two pieces of wood together perpendicularly and leave to dry for a while.
5. Prepare the cards for the dates. You need 0-3 for one set of them and 0-9 for the other. I used a stencil and drew them on in black marker but you could hand draw them. Then hole punch the piles.
6. Prepare your Instax photos by adding the month onto the bottom of each. I didn't want to hole punch my prints so I tacked them onto a piece of card before punching holes into them for the months. 

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