Elaine Lustig Cohen was a fine artist by trade, her design processes more similar to a fine artist with paste ups, collages and painting a page. An experimental way of creating and producing work. This made her an icon and such a huge influence on the design society through the 1950’s to the 1980’s.
The last thing she created before she passed away in 2016, was finishing off her late husband’s wood type and converting it to be digital along with Craig Welsh and Hamilton Wood Type Foundry. Naming it Lustig Elements as a tribute to her late husband, the title of this publication is Elements of Elaine. As I researched more into her life, a lot of her popularity was through the legacy of Alvin Lustig and Arthur Cohen, but she was very individual, her legacy is hers alone and needs to be celebrated. With the cover, I tried using the whole ‘E’ but Lustig Elements is a condensed font and the page looked empty and less dynamic than the top half. This gave the cover a little bit of mystery to where the elements came from.

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